Worldwide speakers of various specializations from the USA, Canada, India, also the UK, Europe, Africa and South-East Asia will present at this event.

Dr Sunny Ahonsi

Dr Nikos Chatzibalassis

Dr Bianca Madison-Vuleta

Jayne Goddard

Lily Patrascu

Harry Sardinas

Dr Sunny Ahonsi
CEO Of MediLiVes

DR SUNNY AHONSI (PhD, MBA, BA, FCCA, FOTHM, ACILT, ACIS, ACEA, MCIM, MIVA, DIPM) As a passionate healthcare innovator, Sunny is on a mission to provide faster, accessible and affordable healthcare provisions – 7/24/365 – both for people who live in high population densities as well as those in remote areas. Sunny is the CEO and founder of MediLiVes, a UK-based health, well-being and therapeutic innovative organisation launched in 2018.

MediLiVes is a decentralized healthcare system that enables a patient to get access to a doctor 7/24/365 simply in the comfort and privacy of their home or on the move anywhere in the world with their smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Story Behind: ...

Dr Nikos Chatzibalassis

Nikos Chatzibalassis is a naturopathic doctor and a Certified BioPhotonic Therapy instructor and Biophotonic Analysis specialist, researcher and holistic therapy practitioner. Nikos is one of the Medilives doctors.

Having trained in a multitude of modalities including homeopathy, herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, reflexology, iridology, applied kinesiology, physio-regulation and geopathology, he is able to provide personalised treatments to his clients.

He brings a wealth of experience with specialisation garnered in advanced energetic therapeutics such as Bioresonance scanning and Bioresonance Treatment, Vegetative Resonance Treatment, and Non-Linear Scanning System.


Dr Bianca Madison-Vuleta

Dr Bianca Madison-Vuleta is a Lifestyle Medicine Expert. She has attained her extensive knowledge of natural and complementary medicine by studying with many of the world’s leading experts, including Lifestyle Medicine training at Harvard Medical School.

She has been awarded PhD Doctor of Humanities (honoris causa) from The American University USA (AUGP-USA).

She is a Board of Directors member and Consultant for MediLives (,uk), an innovative company which provides the infusion of medicine and modern technology, Doctor In Your Pocket, Hospital In Your Home

Medilives are proprietors of a unifying protocol that adds extraordinary value to the current medical, health, wellbeing & therapy services in providing the best possible way to treat patients by combining the superior medical, health & wellbeing dispensations on a single platform. ...

Dr Jayne Goddard

Jayney Goddard is President of The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) which is the world's largest professional membership body for complementary medicine (CM), and she is widely regarded as one of the leading experts on complementary medicine and natural healthcare.

Jayney has a vast depth of knowledge across the entire field of complementary medicine and can always be relied upon to provide substantiated research data during any interview, lecture or written work.

Jayney is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health. She has a Master of Science post-graduate degree from the University of Central Lancashire and is beginning her doctorate in January.


Lily Patrascu
Book Publisher

Lily Patrascu is the marketing director for the London Medical Conference.

🢂Lily Patrascu can help you turn your story, knowledge or experience into books, workshops and online programmes that transform the world, so you can:

📌 Get Booked To Speak Worldwide
📌 Make A Difference
📌 Monetise Your Knowledge
📌 Enhance Your Influence Through Personal Branding
📌 Increase Your Impact And Influence
📌 Attract High End Clients
📌 Be Featured On TV

Harry Sardinas

Harry Sardinas is the founder of Speakers Are Leaders (Your Voice Can Transform the World) – international public speaking, empowerment and leadership programmes listed alongside world’s best courses aimed at empowering you and your team to speak more confidently so more people want to do business with you.

Harry has empowered over ten thousand people in 5 countries on worldwide stages to speak confidently and charismatically and has reached over 1 million people at online events; he has been invited in 20 other countries to speak about the power of speaking to grow your business.

His programmes include:...


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