Sarah M Chessa

Sarah M Chessa

Communications & Investor Relationship Expert

Sarah Chessa is an expert in Financial and Strategic Communications for Life Sciences and Diagnostic Companies. Among other things: she advises Healthcare Companies on ‘Investor Relations’, ‘Communicating Market Positioning’ and ‘Implementing Strategies to Engage Healthcare Practitioners for Proof-of-Concept Studies’.

She sits on Scientific Advisory Committees for Academic Research Projects such as ‘Optimising Patient Stratification in Certain Rare Diseases’ for Clinical Studies.

Sarah studied Law and Pharmaceutical Sciences and began her career working in a Specialised Scientific Online Publication that was part of the Financial Times group. She has written and advised regularly on Company Strategy for Corporate and Financial Investors such as Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds.
She has an MA from King’s College London in International Relations and an MSc in Healthcare Management from City University, London where she first gained expertise in Models of Patient Delivery, including Remote Monitoring and Digital Health.

She has also built a Holistic Health Clinic in London, which services Clients with Biofeedback Devices, Homeopathy and Wellness Modalities and Products.

Sarah is also an Intuitive Consciousness Coach for Entrepreneurs using her Energy Realignment Technique. She coaches professionals in Holistic Health and Mental and Emotional Wellbeing for Optimum Success in Business and Personal Life.

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