Joseba Achotegui Loizate

Joseba Achotegui Loizate

Associate Prof. University of Barcelona

Joseba Achotegui Loizate Durango
 Primary and Secondary Studies in the Jesuits of Durango (Vizcaya).
 Bachelor of Medicine at the University of Barcelona (1976).
 Specialist in Psychiatry from the University of Barcelona (1980) with the highest qualification. Doctor of Medicine from the University of the Basque Country (1990) with the qualification “cum laude”.
 Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona (Since 1991). In 2002 he described the Syndrome of the Immigrant with ‘Chronic and Multiple Stress-Ulysses Syndrome’.
 In the 2018-2019 academic year he has given lectures on Ulysses Syndrome at the Universities of Oxford, Stanford and Berkeley, considered among the 7 best Universities in the world.
 Founder and Director of the SAPPIR (Psychopathological and Psychosocial Care Service for Immigrants and Refugees) of the Sant Pere Claver Hospital in Barcelona. From 1994 to the present.
 Re-elected Secretary General of the Cross-cultural Psychiatry Section of the World Psychiatric Association from 2011-2018.
 Annual Visiting Professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Berkeley from 2008 to the present.
 Honorary Professor at the University of Tokyo. November 2017.
 Research member of the coordinated European R&D research project, SEJ20005-09170-C04-01 funded by the Ministry of Education and Science. Psychological and Psychosocial Aspects of Violence.
 Editor and director of the magazine “International Journal of Migration and Mental Health from Psychosocial and Communitarian Perspective”
 Director of the Online and Blended Postgraduate Course “Mental health and Psychological Interventions with Immigrants, Refugees and Minorities” at the University of Barcelona in collaboration with the Universities of Berkeley and Paris V. From 1997 to the present.

 Solidarity Prize of the Parliament of Catalonia 1997 for work with immigrants.
 “Medical Excellence” Award from the Official College of Physicians of Barcelona: Year 2018.
 2019 UC Berkeley School of Public Health Career and Research Award.
 José Chavez Award from the California Hispanic Immigrant Associations for Work with Immigrants in 2009.
 Dean’s Team Award for Excellence at California Davis University. The working group on Ulysses Syndrome made up of Dr Achotegui and 5 professors from California universities has obtained in 2016 the “Dean’s Team Award for Excellence” from the University of Davis, in California.
 2016 Award from the Northern California Immigrant Associations for Mental Health Work with Immigrants. Sacramento June 2016.
 Coordinator of the event held on October 19, 2017 in the European Parliament “Assistance Programs for Immigrants with Ulysses Syndrome in the European Union”. In 2003, coordination of another session in the European Parliament on Ulysses Syndrome.
 President of the Collegiate Section of Psychiatrists of the Barcelona College of Physicians (1997-2001).
 Member of the CIPP (Collective of Psychopathological and Psychosociological Research) of the Fundació Vidal y Barraquer in Barcelona specialized in Migration and Mental Health (1982-1994). In 1987, this group obtained the research award from the Spanish Society of Neuropsychiatry for the work “Migration and Mental Health” published with this title as a book by the University of Barcelona in 1993.
 He has advised on migration and family reunification issues to the Commission on freedoms and rights of citizens of the European Parliament (1998-2004).
 Coordinator of the international working group on “The Ulysses Syndrome” sponsored by the Commission on Rights and Freedoms of Citizens of the European Parliament.
 Coordinator of the group of experts created by the Consellería de Sanitat de la Generalitat de Atalunya for the drafting of an action protocol in the area of Mental Health and Migration -From May 2003 to the present.
 Director of the “Dialogue” entitled “Emigrate and get sick: Ulysses Syndrome” of the Universal Forum of Cultures scheduled for September 1-5, 2004.
 Director of the meeting “Migratory Policies and Health” of the Euro-Mediterranean Health Conference organized by the Ministries of Health of the European Union and the Southern Mediterranean Countries. Barcelona November 14-15, 2005.
 Advisor to the Secretariat for Immigration of the Generalitat de Catalunya since 2004.
 Professor of the Diplôme Universitaire “Santé, Maladie, Soins et Culture” of the Université René Descartes Paris V since 2006.
 Professor of the subject «Mental health at the University of Barcelona from an evolutionary perspective since 2002. Director and speaker in the course« Mental health from an evolutionary perspective »organized by Cosmocaixa, Barcelona Science Museum. January-March 2008.
 Founding member of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry (WACP), founded in Beijing in March 2009 and member of the Advisory Council of said association.
 Director of the Summer University of the Coimbra Group of European Universities 2009.
 President of the Congress of the World Association of Psychiatry “Mental health, migration and transculturality in the XXI century”, held in Barcelona on October 30 and 31 and November 1, 2010.
 Regular contributor to mental health issues in the program “Affectos en la Noche” on Radio Nacional de España and Radio Exterior de España from 2008 to 2012
 Professor and advisor to Scotland Yard in London, in programmes to improve care for immigrants, since 2011.
 Lecturer at the University of Oxford in 2019. The ‘Ulysses Syndrome Migration Under Extreme Conditions’: COMPAS.

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