Grant Murrell

Grant Murrell

Certified Trainer in NLP

Grant Murrell is fast becoming one of the most sought-after names in the world of Human Communication.

He is an International Speaker; Transformation Expert; Certified Trainer in NLP; Hypnotherapy & Human Behaviour Profiler; an International Best Selling Author; Radio Show Presenter and Entrepreneur.

Over the past 19 years, Grant Murrell and his International Team have helped thousands of Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Organisations across 15 Countries to increase their Profits by up to 200% - often in just a matter of a few short months - by working on their Team, their Systems, their Mind-Set and their Strategy, essentially to help them “Generate More Money in Less Time - Have Less Stress and More Fun and Fulfilment” in their lives and their businesses.

Grant’s Ultimate Mission is to help people design a Life; a Business; an Organisation or a Foundation that will allow them to embrace their Passion, Purpose, Freedom, Wealth and Happiness - so to create a Legacy that will last for the Generations to Come!

He is on a Mission to build a Global Movement, skilfully navigating one million Leaders to live without limits and clearly communicate their message to the World.

Grant is regarded as a Thought Leader; World-Class Coach; Mentor; Consultant and Trainer who is in demand across many Countries. He is often known as “The Success-Pilot!”

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