Dr Sunny Ahonsi

Dr Sunny Ahonsi

Healthtech Innovator


Dr Sunny Ahonsi is a passionate Healthcare Innovator who is on a mission to provide Faster, Accessible, and Affordable Healthcare Provisions – 7/24/365 – both for people who live in highly-populated areas as well as for those in remote areas. Sunny is the CEO and founder of MediLiVes, a UK-based Health, Well-Being and Therapeutic Innovative Organisation launched in 2018.

MediLiVes is a Decentralized Healthcare System that enables a Patient simply to gain access to a doctor 7/24/365 from the comfort and privacy of their home or on-the-move anywhere in the world with their Smartphone, Tablet and/or Computer. MediLiVes’ “mantra” is “DOCTOR IN YOUR POCKET! HOSPITAL IN YOUR HOME!”

How And Why It All Started: Waiting for over 10 hours in the A&E before his son could see a doctor in 2011 led Sunny on a Mission to bring ‘Health at your Fingertips’ and make sure that we all have the equal opportunity of accessing Quality Health Services regardless of our Socioeconomic Class or Geographical Location.

MediLiVes, our ‘Medical Access-Delivery System’, has created the “Amazon of Healthcare” to offer numerous ‘Health Products and Services’ calculated to provide ‘Affordable Optimum Health Solutions’ for a wide range of Health Challenges.

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