Dori Espeso Montagud

Dori Espeso Montagud

Professor at University of Barcelona

Dr Dimitris Chatzimpalasis is a Biologist graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2022. Even though still at the beginning of his career he has already applied plenty of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Techniques. Hence: he has developed a strong interest in Molecular Biology and Genetics and so he - even yet - he is thirsty to dive ever bmore deeply.

In his Bachelor’s Thesis, he was researching ‘The Expression of Some Stress Proteins during Insect Breeding’ by using different substrates. This good work has paid off by returning great results which are soon to be published by his Supervisor.

Till present, he has already participated in two internships.

Last year he worked for HCMR institute in Athens where he studied the ‘Antibacterial Activity of Insect Extracts against Fish Pathogens’. Afterwards he went to Fondazione Edmund Mach in Italy in terms of Erasmus+ placement in order to study the expression of three genes which produce three important Procurses during Costanulide Synthesis.

Concluding, as a result of his loyalty and desire to evolve as a Scientist, every Supervisor will mention him in a variety of publications. He is looking forward to study further in Molecular Biology while contributing in and to Society with Volunteering and other activities.

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