Bianca Madison-Vuleta , PhD hc

Bianca Madison-Vuleta , PhD hc

Lifestyle Medicine Expert & Health Coach


Bianca Madison-Vuleta , PhD hc has undertaken Lifestyle Medicine training at Harvard Medical School, USA, and has also studied a variety of natural and complementary medical approaches with many of the world’s leading experts.

Bianca is well -travelled, cultured, dedicated, creative, responsible and a flexible team player with extensive knowledge and clinical experience in preventative and functional medicine.

She is a Fellow of the world-renowned the CMA (the Complementary Medicine Association) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and is considered one of the UK’s leading wellness, anti-ageing, and mind-body experts. Bianca is involved with cutting-edge research and committed to bringing the most effective and innovative health solutions available today to her clients.

They enjoy discovering and implementing many new and exciting aspects of holistic philosophy and learning how simple and effective lifestyle and mindset modifications can create profound changes.

Bianca is the Founder and Co-chair of The British Academy for Lifestyle Medicine, whose mission is to provide education in promoting healthier and more responsible lives through sustainable lifestyle modifications.

She writes and lectures extensively on the benefits of complementary and naturopathic medicine as well as green and sustainable living. Bianca is passionate about providing excellent client care as well as raising public awareness of natural lifestyle modifications for chronic diseases.

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