The London Medical Conference 2022, the 2-day symposium designed to become the established must-attend Annual Telemedical Convention, gathers together the global “spark-plugs” of Traditional and Alternative Medicine Communities with the key-players of their related Supply-Chain Sectors. The Conference interconnects its Global Attendees with like-minded participants who are also intent on sharing, exchanging and exploring together what they discover on the beckoning pathways of ‘Innovation in Traditional and Alternative Medicine’.

The London Medical Conference is a Global Platform for Biomedical Companies; Entrepreneurial Start-Ups; Clinical Researchers; Specialists; Practitioners; Consultants; Doctors; Scholars; Engineers; Manufacturers; Sellers; Buyers and Students to frame mutually-productive relationships that will strengthen and share their experiential knowledge of state-of-the-art interdisciplinary approaches. It builds a professional network of people who work in every aspect of the continuum, the multidisciplinary medical field, from innovative manufacture to advanced patient-care.

The Conference is a superb opportunity for Innovators and Researchers to showcase their work and, by collaborating with leading companies and universities, to gain the support they need to cultivate their trail-blazing ideas.

As an exhibitor you will have on-the-spot exposure to attract and generate new leads; to increase your Brand-Awareness; to boost your profile; to meet suppliers and to evaluate the possibilities and probabilities of how medicine’s interdependent sectors’ innovative developments could benefit your business’ growth. Contact our Sales Team for ‘Sponsorship and Exhibition Packages’. Contact Our Sales Team

Medical Graduates who are yet to resolve their careers’ optimal directions in a technologically-accelerating world will gain, in concert with what they absorb from the Conference’s presentations and discussions, by meeting both Telemedical and Alternative Medicine Professionals and Exhibitors displaying their case-improvements in current Health-Industry trends.

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